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Most states in every country have a government office in charge of the maintenance and management of the road networks. Similarly, there exists an organization for railways and air transport. These authorities oversee the proper management and construction of roads. The job of these organizations is to investigate and authorize road-related issues.

Starting from taking care of city roads, they also provide licenses by taking driving tests. These authorities will provide you with a registration number for your vehicle if you book an appointment with them. Apart from that, residents can access road traffic information. They receive road disruption alerts with subscriptions. They also avail towing services in case you have broken down of engine in the middle of nowhere or in a busy street. Furthermore, you can purchase and resell old cars.

One such authority in Victoria, Australia, is VicRoads. VicRoads is a government authority that deals with everything we mentioned above and much more. It is a one-in-all body that controls road management and the authorization of vehicles. They help residents of Victoria out of problems when they are out on the road. VicRoads also take care of the arterial roads and main roads in Victoria and oversee repair and construction for an easier life in the city for its residents.

Navigation in Australia is made easier thanks to VicRoads, Victoria.

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    If you are in need of help with regard to road-related issues in Victoria, there are quite a few agencies you can contact for help. However, VicRoads is the one and only government website and agency that is exclusive to road repair and management in and around Victoria. Alternatively, you can also be physically present at our VicRoads office.

    For details regarding the location of the VicRoads main office in Victoria, you follow the navigation tool on your cellphones as we have our presence marked on all e-maps.

    We focus our article on Driving Test in Mooroolbark by VicRoads; we will naturally direct our readers to our office in Mooroolbark. This is the most prominent driving school Mooroolbark has as we entertain a multitude of customers on a daily basis. VicRoads has a state government office in Mooroolbark, where issues related to license testing is dealt with.

    VicRoads Office Mooroolbark: 1/191 Hull Rd, Mooroolbark VIC 3138

    Opens at 8:30 AM and remains open till 4:30 PM Monday to Friday

    Our driving instructors are always located at 1/191, Hull Road, Mooroolbark, Victoria 3138, Australia.

    Our office at Mooroolbark opens at 8:30 AM and remains open till 4:30 PM. VicRoads Mooroolbark remains closed on Saturday and Sunday as every other government office does.

    You decide based on your circumstances, whether you want to start the lesson from your place or from near VicRoads (address: 1/191 Hull Rd, Mooroolbark VIC 3138, Mel-way Street Directory reference 51 D3). You can get there by Bus 689, drive there (enter to the car park from Manchester road) or with the help of PTV journey planner.

    The Mooroolbark License Testing Centre takes complaints and queries via appointments only. When it comes to appointments, VicRoads allows you to book your appointment online via their official website. Otherwise, you can make calls on a toll-free number provided on their website. You can also physically visit the Service Centre and book an appointment. All payments are accepted via Mastercard or VISA. If you are booking an appointment at the service center, then VicRoads also accepts cheque, cash or EFTPOS modes of payment.

    Drive Test Mooroolbark

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      If you are the VicRoads Mooroolbark License Testing Centre, then it is evident that you are there for license and driving-related issues. Most of the clients at this center wind up to take their driving tests so that they can have a driving license for themselves. However, the driving test can be quite a task if you are not prepared well. One needs to be better equipped with the roads to avoid making mistakes. Moreover, there are another few common mistakes people make while taking the driving test. Some of these have been listed below in a point-wise format.

      • Make sure to abide by all traffic rules at all times. The traffic rules and signs are taught and elaborated on during the classes taken at these institutions.
      • Avoid ignoring or failing the traffic signal more than one time.
      • If you fail to stop at a ‘Stop’ sign or at a ‘Keep Clear’ sign, points are deducted.
      • Make sure to give way to other vehicles while driving. You cannot occupy the road in such a manner that other cars find it difficult to drive straight.
      • More importantly, allow pedestrians a clear way to walk safely.
      • Release the handbrake all the way down instead of letting it go midway.
      • Keep away from stopping at the first line at the traffic signal.
      • Do not drive on the wrong side of the road.
      • Use your side-view and rear-view mirrors correctly and frequently.

      Tips to Pass the Test:

      If you are going to Vicroads at Mooroolbark for the first time for licencing, it’s like a shop front so don’t feel overwhelmed!

      Mooroolbark roads are tricky and a mix of residential roads, highways and main streets! Be careful and expect to drive on frequently speed changes!

      Biggest tip:

      • Its ok, if you are driving with your family or friends. Our driving instructors keeps giving you instruction when you are doing a driving lesson and provides with valuable feedback. If you acknowledge this feedback  and implement it in the next lesson then you will definitely pass the drive test.  Our instructors are very friendly and patient especially with nervous beginners.
      • During drive test it is important for you to follow further instruction if you miss the instruction.
      • But don’t panic, it’s okay if you miss up to 2 instructions! But it is always important to repeat the instruction if you did not understand it, then this will avoid making mistakes. Always ask, if you dont understand it.
      • During the test its not like driving with our instructor, its important you are aware of your surroundings highly crucial to follow a proper sequence and be totally disciplined. Our lessons will teach you to be mindful and disciplined at the same time without any hazzle. You have to keep reminding yourself all the time 2 things during drive test, head check and mirror checks. Most of them fail to do these and fail the test.

      Take the test at VicRoads Mooroolbark to get your driving license at the earliest.

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        VicRoads does not provide their own cars for you to take the driving test. You can use your instructor’s car or your own car if and only if it meets the following requirements.

        • The car should be clean and in a condition to using.
        • The car should come with a functioning primary speedometer that is visible from the passenger’s seat.
        • The car should come equipped with side-view mirrors on both sides of the car i.e., the passenger’s side and the driver’s side.
        • There should be a well-functioning and clear windscreen. There should also be a rear window demister fitted.
        • The car should definitely display ‘L’ plates to signify the driver who is at the learner stage.
        • There must be seatbelts inside the car.
        • The car should be well maintained for temperature control.
        • Headlights and taillights should be in a working condition.
        • There should be a handbrake for the examiner or license testing officer to use. The cars that come with a foot-operated brake or electronic brakes cannot be put into use for solo tests.
        • The doors and windows should work well.
        • If you want a manual driver license issued, then you must have a normal manual transmission in your car.

        Vehicles that are registered as primary producer vehicles or used with a Driver’s Certificate or Tow Truck Driver Authority holder cannot be used for the test. Left-hand driving vehicles, vehicles displaying trade plates, security vehicles, or vehicles issued with a club permit or street rod permit cannot be used as well. Alternatively, you cannot bring your taxi for the driving test Mooroolbark.


        Before the license testing officer asks you to undertake the driving test, he/she will ask you to identify and operate a few components of the car. They are:

        1. Identify and operate:
        • Indicators
        • Brake lights
        • Windscreen washers and wipers
        • Hazard lights
        • Horn
        • Headlights
        1. Identify and operate the Handbrake
        2. You will also be asked to identify the rear window demister and the window demister without operating it.
        3. The examinee will be asked to start the engine.

        In case of failing the first two conditions, the examinee is not allowed to take the test at all.


        Once the license testing officer allows you to go ahead with the driving test, there are certain parameters to keep in mind while driving the car. The examinee must steadily exhibit safe driving behavior while driving the car. No matter what the traffic conditions may be, the examinee must continue to drive under safe conditions while following the traffic rules.  While the test, the examiner will be testing you on the following items:

        • Use of traffic signals
        • Observation power
        • Selection of gaps
        • Choice of speed during driving depending on traffic and road
        • Following the distance during driving
        • Stopping position of the car
        • Position of car laterally
        • Right parking spots
        • Contol of car

        The instructors will tell you how to control your car while driving. However, you need to implement it during the driving test to ensure ticks in all the right boxes.


        Stage one of on-road driving is formulated to assess the safety conditions you maintain as a driver during road conditions that are relatively less stressful. The examinee has to follow the simple and lucid directions that the examiner gives to prove that he/she can drive well and with enough efficiency. In case of confusion, you can always clear it out with the examiner and ask him/her to repeat what was asked of you.

        It takes an average of 10 minutes to complete stage one of the driving test. You will be asked to stop carefully at the kerb for them to calculate your total score at this level: mistakes or illegal actions during this phase of the test results in disqualification from the entire driving test.

        Make sure to take the instructions from the examiner well and perform with a steady hand. Most of the basic rules and regulations one has to follow in general, are tested here. Look forward to instructions like:

        • Starting and stopping the vehicle in the right spot and at the right position
        • Change of lanes
        • Successful right and left turn at the intersections.
        • Low-speed manipulation of the car and successful parking.

        You will need to fulfill one of the following:

        • Three-point turn of the car
        • Reverse parking

        drive test Mooroolbark


        The drive test Mooroolbark takes you to stage two once you successfully pass the stage one of the tests. Stage two is performed in busier traffic conditions. Under congestion, the examiner needs to carry out the driving tasks successfully and safely. Similar to stage one, the examiner instructs you, and you need to follow them to pass this stage.

        The stage two of the driving test by VicRoads Mooroolbark takes about 20 minutes to complete on average. Mistakes or illegal actions during this round cancel your test straightaway.

        You need to fulfill the following actions:

        • Change of lanes
        • Driving in heavy traffic
        • Merging your vehicle with other traffic
        • Driving successfully on curved and straight roads

        It is normal to get agitated while driving in and around too many cars. Maintain a cool head and follow all the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes. Mistakes in a busier lane can lead to accidents easily.

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          Drive test routes VicRoads Mooroolbark:

          The roads are pretty tricky and busier in Moorolbark. The normal Drive test routes are Mt Dandenong road, Maroondah Highway and road C401 there.

          Some of the uphill roads covers during the test. On these roads it is important to understand when to accelerate and use break while driving down-hill in the hilly roads in Mooroolbark area!

          Get lessons on Mooroolbark’s most difficult consecutive roundabouts made up of Hull road, Cambridge road and Manchester road.

          drive test Mooroolbark


          With the completion of the test, the examinee receives feedback along with advice to improve their driving skills.  If you are unsuccessful in passing your driving test, the feedback helps you clear the test in your following attempt. An unsuccessful attempt at the driving test can be due to errors, a dangerous condition, or showcase of troublesome behavior by the driver.


          The serious errors displayed during driving can be of two types; immediate termination error and critical error. The immediate termination error cancels your driving test right away. The critical errors result in a penalty.

          The immediate termination error can be a collision with another vehicle, exceeding the speed limit by 5 km/h or more, creation an unsafe situation or driving through a clear red signal.

          The critical error is recorded if you drive too slow, block a pedestrian crossing, halt your car unexpectedly, or cause a situation where it could potentially lead to a major risk.

          Avoiding these errors are only possible if you carefully follow all the instructions given by the instructor during the practice sessions. Avoid being startles by other vehicles. A confident, yet careful hand will lead to lesser mistakes while driving.

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            Take your driving school at the VicRoads Mooroolbark to ensure a quality certificate and license from the best driving school Mooroolbark.

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