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Essential Elements To Consider Before Taking Your Driving Test

The Roads Corporation of Victoria, also known in short as VicRoads, is located in Victoria, Australia. It is a statutory corporation, and this corporation bears the responsibility of giving drivers license as well as vehicle regulation. The VicRoads Corporation is also responsible for the accident towing industry of Victoria. The VicRoads Corporation is an incremental part of the Transport Department. Before July of 2019, the traffic and road authority of Victoria is also responsible for the construction and maintenance of the network of the arterial road along with the aspects of research and road safety policy.

The central administration office of VicRoads is present at the location of the suburb Kew in Melbourne, right on the site of the old Kew railway station. Additionally, VicRoads controls a lot of offices, which are in service of the public in licensing and registration of the regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. Melbourne is one of the most populated cities in Australia and is very highly rated for aspects like entertainment, sport, and tourism, and so on. The VicRoads office is present in several places. One of these offices is in Pakenham.

VicRoads Pakenham

3-4 Stephenson St, Pakenham VIC 3810

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:


The VicRoads Pakenham is in a suburb of the city of Melbourne in the region of Victoria on the edge of the West Gippsland. Pakenham has come up to have significant areas of growth in southeast Melbourne since the developments of the new housing have given a boost to its infrastructure and population. The driving school Pakenham is not far from the railway station or the main road; you can very quickly locate it on the Google map.

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    Some Critical Factors Regarding The Driving Test

    If you want to get the driver’s license for Victoria, then you have to pass our driver’s license test and show that you are capable enough to drive on the road with other traffic. Now, naturally, the driver’s license test is preceded over by a driving instructor. He or she will follow your driving capacity on the road to assess your driving upon which your driver’s license will depend. Although some mistakes are usually allowed in the driving test, other common mistakes can lead you to an automatic fail. Some of the common mistakes that beginner makes during driving are as follows:


    • Rolling Stops: A widespread error that you have to avoid while taking your driving test is making incomplete stops. This is a prevalent mistake that new drivers make. Such that the drivers seem to slow down but without actually coming to a full stop during the driver’s test. The point is that you have to stop behind the demarcation line, or it will just show that you are not ready to follow simple traffic rules. You have to be sure to stop before the line of demarcation.
    • Improper Lane changing: Another widespread mistake that new drivers make is during the changing of lanes. It is a widespread mistake, as well as one of the significant errors of rules you can make actually while on the road. During lane changing, the simple steps to follow are, first showing the other traffic drivers you intend to change the lanes with the help of signals, then you have to check the mirror as well as the blind spots before changing the paths. Simple as it is, people still tend to forget about it all the time. Forgetting about even one of the above steps is unacceptable in your driving test. When the driving instructor will show or tell you the instruction for changing lanes, then first you have to look, then turn on your single which side you are going, check the rearview mirror, as well as the side mirrors, you also have to turn back and check for any car truck or motorcycle in the blind spot and change lanes only when the coast is clear. You also have to be sure to check for the traffic which will be in front of you and also check your speed.
    • Lack Of Control Of Steering: It is quite essential that you demonstrate confidence behind the driver’s wheel and also very important that you don’t drive one-handed. This will show that you are overconfident about your driving, and that is never acceptable during driving tests. You have to keep both of your hands on the steering wheel at all times, if possible. This will ensure that you always have the reasonable control of the car. You can make the hand over hand turns and without a controlled slippage release from the corner.
    • Distracted Driving: It is essential and very much essential that you do not use or look ta your phone while giving your drivers test. It is also prohibited while driving on the road. You should never be giving attention to your phone and driving. As well as keep your stereo off too while taking this driver’s test. It is common sense not to fidget with things while you are trying to pass the driver’s test. You always have to keep your focus and your mind on the road.
    • Four-Way Stops Confusion: Whenever you arrive at the intersection with stop signs and especially at the four-way stops, you have to be very sure about your actions if there are other cars present at the intersection. You have to wait for your turn and then go. You have to be very sure about signaling the intentions of yours while you are making a turn. Usually, what happens is that if there are two cars in the intersection both at the same time, then the vehicle which is present in the right will go first.
    • Improper Merging In Freeways: It is quite unlikely that the driving instructor will take you on the highway, but if it does happen, then you have to merge safely from the ramp at the entrance with speed into traffic. Usually, many beginner scans just, make a stop at the end of the ramp other than merging, which can produce a very unsafe situation.
    • Driving Very Slowly: While giving your driver’s license test, you must display confidence. On the other hand, it is also very problematic and even unsafe if you become too careful by driving considerably below the speed limit. This can well be harmful to not only yourself but other drivers as well.
    • Driving Too Fast: Again, there are also times when you should not operate at the speed limit. Especially in case, there is for, rain, accidents or even congestion in traffics you should slow down to a safe speed.
    • Changing Lanes During An Intersection: It is also imperative that you don’t change lanes when you are passing through an intersection, even if you are going straight or making a turn. Even if the path you are going through is entirely transparent, you must follow the rules for adequately changing your lanes and especially not do it during an intersection. You should wait until you have passed the intersection very safely before making the change in paths.
    • Braking Too Hard: You also have to be sure that you are quite familiar with how hard or soft the brakes are in your car while you are taking the driving test. In emergency braking hard is acceptable, but when you are slowing or stopping, you have to ensure that you get the just-right amount of brake to get the job done and also not that much that you and your passenger gets thrown towards the front.
    • Following Too Closely: Another critical error is that you should always ensure that you stay several car lengths behind the traffic, which is in front of you. You have to ensure that you keep a safe distance so that if the car which is right in front of you makes a barke of a swerve, then you have plenty of reaction time for keeping yourself and other passengers safer from any harm.
    • Driving Too Fast: You should always stay within the speed limit even if other drivers are going more quickly. You also have to ensure that you know about the drops in the speed limit, also like in school zones, work zones, or in specific areas with speed limits.
    • Parallel Parking: If you need to see a demonstration of the ability of parallel parking, the essential factors which you should look out for is not to hit other cars or run over the curb. It is ok if you touch the curb, but you should watch not to roll over it. Even for the fact that you felt a curb, some points are taken, but you will still pass the test if you don’t roll over it.
    • Not Checking Mirrors: It is essential that while giving your driving test, you must check those mirrors much more often than you would usually do while driving. Many drivers completely forget to check their side mirrors and their rearview mirrors. On the other hand, it is also an excellent idea to understand where the other vehicles are around you, even if you do not change lanes then.
    • Car Fails: Make sure that your vehicle also meets all the practical driving test rules. There should be no crack on the windshield; the safety belts should be working. You also have to ensure that tail lights, headlights, turn signals, and the windshield wipers are all functioning quite correctly. You also should clean your car to endure that there are the debris or any personal item of any kind in the car which can become hazardous to the driving conditions. On the other hand, we here at VicRoads Pakenham prefer that you sue our driving car for us to ensure your safety and also test you better.


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      Other Key Important Points

      Can I Use My Car:

      You can bring your car, but it is much more preferable if you use our driving test car. This will help us in ensuring both the safety of the driving instructor and you as a driver. We are yet to judge your driving skills, so it is preferable also to have control with driving instructors in this case. We have a fully ready car with all the necessary safety and techniques to ensure that you not only have a smooth and fair test but that you and our instructor are both safe.

      Pre-Drive Check:

      There are several things that you should check before you start the on-road driving test with the vehicle. You should identify and check the controls like the windscreen washers and wipers, the indicators, the headlights, the brake lights, and the hazard lights. Along with this, you should identify the brake, identify the controls of the windscreen demister and the rear window demister, and then start the engine. If anyone of these factors is not working properly, then you will not have the permission to give the test.

      During The Driving Test:

      You must show and maintain the safety rules which are associated while driving. In the above section, many tips for driving have been discussed, which you should follow for passing the driver’s test. The driving instructor will be assessing you on many factors including in your driving, like for example, your observation, signal use, speed choice, gap selection, lateral position, parking, control, and so on. You should see that you are good at all of these factors.

      There is two-stage of assessment for on-road driving.

      On-Road Driving, Stage One:

      This includes starting and stopping the vehicle, making right and left turns also and adequately changing the lanes while following the rules. The stage one also includes a low-speed maneuver in which the driving instructor will ask you to either do a reverse park or a three-point turn.  

      The important drive test routes for VicRoads Pakenham for Stage 1:

      Road nameSpeed limit
      Stephenson Street50 km/hr
      Main Street 50 Km/hr
      Rogers Street50 km/hr
      Snodgrass Street50 km/hr

      Drive test Pakenham

      Stage Two:

      After completing the stage successfully, one process comes stage two of on-road driving. The stage two includes various activities like driving in very busy traffics, changing lanes, merging with other traffics, and also driving on straight or curved roads. This is done in heavy traffic to assess your ability to execute normal driving tasks.


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        The important drive test routes for VicRoads Pakenham for Stage 2:

        drive test pakenham

        Road nameSpeed limit
        Princess Highway80 km/hr
        The Avenue40 km/hr
        Duncan Drive40 km/hr
        Mc Gregor Road40 Km/hr
        Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road60 Km/hr

        Drive Test Results:

        After completion of your driving test, the licensing officer will give you feedback on the test and also assessing that you were successful or not. You can also understand if there were any areas where you could have made any improvements. In case you were unsuccessful, we will give you suggestions for helping you with your next text and attempts.


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          You can take your Drive Test Pakenham here at VicRoads Pakenham to get your driver’s license for the road. Here are some of the interesting facts and matters which can help you in taking the drivers test well and successfully.


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