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The first step in learning driving is finding the right driving school that offers a significant percentage of the learner’s passing and safety. If you are in Cheltenham and looking forward to a driving school Cheltenham, then you are lucky.

Drive test vic is one of the best driving schools southeast Melbourne. You can get the best driving lesson Cheltenham from this driving school. But the thing is how you will know if this driving school is right or not. Because there are several schools for driving in Cheltenham, and getting in the wrong one is nothing but a waste of money and time. Make sure to gather information about the school before joining, get information about the instructors as they will teach you. Only you can learn adequately if the instructors have a license and proper training to show you. Here are the few things that will help you

Driving Lessons you get only from the best

Affordable pricing: There are various services for every learner, but the best part is that none of them costs too much. You get the best services within your budget. From primary learners to refresher drivers, there are services for everyone.

Instructor: We have the best driving instructor Cheltenham. All the instructors have a license and proper training to teach clients. The best part is they show one client at a time, which means paying all of the attention to you without any disturbance.

Driving Lessons available

As mentioned before, there are several amazing services for each kind of learner. Even though the charges are affordable, you need to know that the charges vary upon the payment method. The services include necessary driving skills, city driving, parallel parking, highway driving, expressway driving, road test preparation, road test vehicle usage. Here is a list of services with their fees

Automatic car practice for necessary costs $50 for prepaid,$55 for postpaid and $120 for drive test

Manual driving lesson for upgrade costs $60 for prepaid,$65 for postpaid, and $150 for the driving test.

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Services include in Beginners driving courses

The fees for beginners driving directions is $50

We suggest five lessons of 1 hour each to start with.

You get to choose an instructor for your practice

We also provide 120 log book hours at bulk prices.

Things you will get in the intermediate driving courses

It costs $50 for lessons of 1 hour each

Here again, you can choose the person who will instruct you throughout the course for getting your license

Price for the driving test Vic is $120.

Things include in the specialist driving courses

You will have to pay $50 of 1 hour each. We suggest five lessons.

You will be able to choose your instructor without paying any extra charges for that.

You will be able to sit for your final driving test in 1 attempt and pass the test.

Things you will get in Refresher driving courses.

It costs $50 of 1 hour each. We suggest 4 lessons.

You can choose your instructor for free.

You will be able to sit for your final driving test in 1 attempt and pass the test.


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    For a safe and affordable experience of learning how to drive, all you need is to book a course. You can book online if you want your learning with the best driving school Melbourne.

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