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Requirements to become a certified driving school officer


The education and training of a driver are in high demand since the invention of the automobile. Millions of people take driving classes each year to get a learning permit, drug and alcohol rehabilitation to regain their licence after it has been suspended due to any traffic violation. As a result driving instructors get a huge base of customers each year, ultimately giving them great job security.

Becoming a certified and licensed instructor is not a difficult job as long as you can meet all of the criteria and the requirements. Here we will tell you all you need to know in order to become a driving instructor.


In order to become a driving school officer the requirements that you need fulfil may vary from state to state and country to country. Before committing yourself to become a driving instructor you need to visit your local department for motor vehicles and find out all the specific requirements and information regarding your area.

There are certain general criteria which are compulsory for everyone.

  • The first and foremost criteria which need to be fulfilled is the age. Everyone can apply to become a driving school officer but the minimum age requirement is 21 years.
  • Education is extremely important for a person to become a driving lessons officer. You must have a minimum high school diploma or equivalent degree. Since you will be dealing with a lot of theory classes as well it is important for a driving school officer to be well versed with the theoretical aspect of driving.
  • Vision is also an important criterion when it comes to a driving school officer you must pass a vision test before you get your driving instructors licence. Along with a vision test you also need to pass a physical and mental screening before you become eligible for the position.
  • Last but not the least one of the most important eligibility criteria for a person to become a driving school officer is their driving record. You will have to present your driving record at the time of application along with a drive test Cranbourne. If you have any traffic offences and violation, you might get this qualified. Along with a driving record, a thorough background check is also conducted to make sure that the applicant does not have a criminal history.



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What does a Driving School Officer do?

Driving School officers provide theoretical and practical training in order to develop the students driving skill and abilities. Driving school officer teaches the students to drive a regular or a commercial vehicle according to their choice.

There are several responsibilities which a driving instructors officer needs fulfil in order to be successful in their position.

  • Prepare good lessons which are customised and tailored according to the needs and requirements of each student. Theoretical lessons, as well as practical lessons, are required for a person to become a successful driver. However, this can only be achieved by careful planning and execution by the driving school instructor.
  • A driving school officer also needs to provide complete instructions about the various parts and functionalities of a vehicle as well as the on-road rules and regulations. Understanding the various traffic rules and regulations are extremely important for a new driver otherwise they could get in huge trouble with the traffic department. This is the responsibility of a teaching Inspector to help them understand the various aspects of the regulations.
  • A good driving school instructor or an officer also helps their students to develop confidence when it comes to their driving skills. A person who is not confident with their driving skill can be a huge disaster on the road. Thus it is the responsibility of a driving instructor to help them gain confidence and perfection in their skills.
  • Really control of any vehicle is extremely important especially during emergency situations. This can only be achieved through the help of a good driving instructor. This is the duty of a driving school officer to help their students gain control of their vehicles and to help them understand the various steps that need to take in any emergency situation or accident.
  • Documentation and reporting of student’s progress are one of the most important steps necessary for a successful driving lesson. A driving school officer or instructor takes note of all the student’s progress and keeps the documentation to help them understand the various weaknesses and strengths of every student. Understanding the weakness of a student is important in order to help them take away their fears and doubts.
  • Lastly, is the duty of a driving school officer to inform the students whether or not they are ready to take a drive test Pakenham. If an instructor tells a student that he or she is ready to take a test before they are actually ready it could lead to failure in the drive test Dandenong.


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A driving school seems very easy but it is important to make sure that you offer the best of service. Nowadays everybody drives and each and every one of us needs to know how to safely operate an automobile. As a result, starting your own driving school can be an extremely lucrative career opportunity.


Becoming a driving school officer is on high demand these days. In order to start a driving school, you need to decide the franchise you will be collaborating with.


You also need to collect a substantial amount of start-up money from a bank loan or any private investor. Meanwhile, you also need to set up your driving school Melbourne.


A lot of people choose to instruct from their home but the best option is to locate a building or an office where you can set up your driving school. Last but not the least you need to get your cars and vehicles which have proper insurance and signature especially for driving schools.

You may also need to install various additional features such as secondary brake system steering and instructor perspective mirrors.






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